Occasionally the man in your life will want something that he doesn’t articulate. He doesn’t share and it’s either because he doesn’t know how to ask for the thing or he’s too embarrassed to ask for that thing either way when that goes unsaid, you have no idea what he may desire in the relationship. 

Number one is he wants you to be happy. How does a guy ask for this… be happy, please be happy? No! It’s pretty awkward and very ineffective right, but the problem is your happiness. You see is a reflection of his effectiveness as a man in the relationship. After interviewing hundreds of couples who have been married over 40 years, often the men would say: If mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy! Your happiness is tied to our sense of worth. As a man, so we want you to be happy. So if you’re not happy, don’t be surprised if your man starts to get restless. 

He’s either gonna try to fix the thing that you’re unhappy about or he’s going to avoid until you become happy. But your happiness is key to his happiness. 

Number two is he wants you to take interest in his interests. Men love it when you become passionate about what he’s passionate about, so, whether that’s his favorite sports team, or whether that’s a hobby that he loves like RC planes or racing, or whether that’s a job that he’s passionate about, when you start to show interest in those things, it builds a bond and a connection between the two of you. Men rarely ask for this. A buddy of mine was telling me a story about how he’s an avid football fan and he loves the Steelers and he called his long-distance girlfriend one Sunday and just to kind of check in with her. He asked her, What are you doing? She’s like, I’m getting ready for the Steelers game. Then she started talking about the game and what was coming up. He couldn’t believe she was actually getting ready for the game. I felt my heart connect to her. It totally melted because she’s passionate about something that I’m passionate about.

Here’s the deal, when you connect to Cheap London Escorts something that he loves that thing now connects to you.

Number three is he wants you to initiate the sex. Go ahead and be bold, surprise him. Come out of the bathroom in that some sexy lingerie, maybe that outfit you haven’t put on in a while. He wants you to be the one initiating sex. Unless however, you are the sex machine in the relationship and you’re doing all the initiating, in which case, give the man a breather.

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